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Knåddskogen - Game Project

During the last game project at FutureGames, me and eight other students made a stylized game in Unity called Knåddskogen. I was responsible for making environment props designed to fit a typical Swedish forest. The group consisted of four 3D artists, two 2D artists, two programmers and one level designer. The whole team was super talented and we managed a lot during the seven weeks we spent on the game.

Knåddskogen is a single-player adventure where you explore the Swedish forest searching for your missing kindergarten class. By using bizarre features you have to get your missing children back before the last bus of the day leaves.

After the game project ended, we submitted our game to the Swedish Game Awards and we got nominated in five categories, we won in two: Gamer's choice and Best execution in Art.

Knåddskogen is free to play on Itch if you want to play it:

Swedish Game Awards:

Jesper molander ingame4
Jesper molander ingamescreen1

Some of the assets I made at the beginning of the level

Jesper molander ingamescreen2

An old Swedish house, caved in

Jesper molander ingamescreen3

Kids hanging out

Jesper molander ingameassets

Here are the assets I made for the game

Knåddskogen Trailer